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AICB Academy

All I Can Be Academy is a School established by All I Can Be World to further its Vision of “socio-economic empowerment of the individual and the community”. The School offers training in various essential life skills subjects to children and youth through an interactive and scalable e-learning platform. All I Can Be champions early empowerment of children and youth thereby enabling them to; acquire new competencies (i.e. knowledge, skills and behavior), productively apply the years to becoming young adults, develop a positive sense of self and identity, recognize and optimize their strengths and talents and, ultimately, realize their potential.
The Academy offers training in various subjects including: • Leadership Skills • Interview Skills • Financial Literacy Skills. In our Course Catalogue, click on a specific course to access detailed information on it. Each Course is broken down into several modules for ease of learning.
Yes. You can register, pay for and take lessons/tests, monitor your performance and generate your transcripts/certificates at any time and/or from any location around the world via an internet enabled computer and/or mobile device including a smart phone.
Enrolling for a module is easy. Below is a step by step brief of the enrolment process: a) “Click on All I Can Be Academy” b) Click on “Enroll” button located on the top right the Academy landing page to access ad browse our catalogue of courses c) Register to secure a registration / identification number. Registration is done once and the Learner retains his/her number for subsequent courses taken. d) Select a course module e) Select preferred payment option and specific start date. Payments made are not refundable.
The language of instruction for all our courses is English.
Costing is on a per module basis. Different course modules attract different fees ranging between USD 10 and USD 30. Pricing for specific course modules is available on the enrolment page.
Only registered members of the Money Farm program is also commonly referred to as the “children’s SACCO” enjoy discounts on course subscriptions. Apart from development of essential life skills, The Money Farm members are also facilitated to access savings, credit, investment and other personal growth and development opportunities, including real life opportunities to apply competencies (knowledge, skills, behavior) acquired.
Courses normally start every two weeks.
Programs are taught online through the Academy’s learning platform and are accessible by learners through internet enabled devises including computers and smartphones. Courses are broken down into modules which are further broken down into Units. The number of modules and units vary from one unique course to another. Time to completion of module is indicated at the beginning of the module. Learning takes a progressive approach with the requirement for a Leaner to successfully complete one session before proceeding to the next. Course content is delivered using diverse methods including; syllabus notes, focus tasks, self-tests and a variety of online tools for enhanced understanding of the subject matter. The learning environment for a specific course module is open to the Learner for a definite period and is closed at the end of each defined Semester. The student must therefore keep up with scheduled course work and complete it within a stipulated timelines. A leaner that will not have completed the module can only gain access to the learning environment by making a fresh payment for the module. Specific information with regard to learner obligations including deadlines to turn in assignments and take tests is provided as part of the course content. Administration of Basic and Advanced Level Examinations is online over the period as shall be published on the site. Learners who have successfully met the requirements to sit these major examinations must register in advance for the examinations in line with stipulated conditions.
AICB Academy offers a range of non-accredited programs in essential life skills which learners take for personal development, improved marketability and self-actualization. The lessons equip Learners with fundamental sets of skills that help them to increase their chances at succeeding in their chosen pursuits.

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Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to
Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses.

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